Cash Assistance Application and Recertification Kit

Non-Parent Caregivers (Grandparents, Other Relatives, Friends) Caring for Children
Statewide Common Application
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Change Report Form
New York State What You Should Know About Your Rights And Responsibilities (When Applying For or Receiving Benefits)
New York State What You Should Know About Social Services Programs Questions and Answers
New York State What You Should Know If You Have An Emergency Questions and Answers
Notice Of Responsibilities And Rights For Support
Domestic Violence Screening Form Under the Family Violence Option
Domestic Violence Palm Card
DFR Legal Residence Statement
Information about Child Support Services and Application/Referral for Child Support Services
Domestic Violence Information for all Temporary Assistance Applicants
New York State How To Complete The Temporary Assistance (TA) - Medical Assistance (MA) - Medical Savings Program (MSP) - Food Stamp Benefits (FS) - Services (S), including Foster Care (FC) - Child Care Assistance (CC) Application
How To Use Your Benefit Card To Get Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and/or Cash Benefits
Keep the Heat On With HEAP
Notice to All Applicants
You Have a Right to Free Interpretation Services
Your Interview with the Office of Child Support Enforcement
Child Care Guarantee Informational
Attention: Applicants/Participants
Important: Using Common Benefit Identification Cards (CBIC) for Medical Services
Services for Victims of Sexual Assault
Cash Assistance Additional Allowances
Notice of Benefits and Services Available from the HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA)
Troubled? Frustrated? Angry? Don't Take It Out On Your Children!
Did You Know That The City of New York Will Pay for Your Child Care For Your Children Under 13 and For Children With Special Needs?
Notice to Applicants and Participants Regarding Third Party Health Insurance
Welfare Fraud (BFI Bureau of Fraud Investigation)
Are You a Person With a Disability?
Eligibility Verification Review Questionnaire
Cash Assistance & Child Support What You Need to Know
Child Care Fact Sheet and Planner
Language Questionnaire
Notice to Applicants/Participants
Essential Persons
List of Participating Clinics and Hospitals (Child/Teen Health Program)
Explanation of the Medicaid Buy-In Program For Working People with Disabilities (MBI-WPD)
Child/Teen Health Program (C/THP) Fact Sheet
Know Your Rights: How to Avoid and Fight an Illegal Eviction / Illegal Lockout
Utility Handout
How to Report Child Abuse Or Neglect
DSS Non-Discrimination Flyer
Important Changes in the Medicaid Program
Protect Children From Lead Hazards
Cash Assistance Recertification Only Kit
Enrollment Form for Provider of Legally-Exempt Family Child Care and Legally-Exempt In-Home Child Care
Enrollment Form for Provider of Legally-Exempt Group Child Care
New York State Recertification Form for Certain Benefits and Services
Instructions for Completing the Recertification for Certain Benefits and Services Form
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